1 noun (C) spoken especially BrE
1 taboo someone who is very annoying or unpleasant: Bill's an obnoxious little bugger.
2 a rude word meaning someone that you pretend to be annoyed with, although you actually like them: What are you doing, you daft bugger?
3 a rude word meaning a job or activity that is very difficult: Having to commute so far is a real bugger.
4 bugger all rude expression meaning nothing, used especially when you are angry: There's bugger all we can do about the car now. | bugger all help/thanks/work etc (=none at all): I got bugger all thanks for driving my boss to the airport.
5 play silly buggers a rude expression meaning to behave in a stupid way that annoys other people: Stop playing silly buggers and get on with your homework!
6 taboo a man who regularly has anal sex, especially with other men or boys
2 verb (T) BrE
1 bugger (it)! spoken a rude expression used when you are angry because something bad has happened: Bugger it! The car battery is dead.
2 I'll be buggered/bugger me! spoken a rude expression used when you are surprised about something
3 bugger the ... slang used to say that you do not care about the person or thing you are talking about: Bugger the expense, I'm going to buy it!
4 I'll be buggered if.. slang used to say angrily that you will not do something: I'll be buggered if I help them any more.
5 taboo or law to have anal sex with someone
bugger about also bugger around phrasal verb BrE
1 (I) to behave in a stupid way or waste time: Stop buggering about and get on with your work
2 (transitive bugger someone about) to cause unnecessary problems for someone: Don't let Peter bugger you about, tell him to leave.
bugger off phrasal verb (intransitive often imperative) BrE an impolite expression meaning to go away, or leave a place, which is very rude when used directly: Bugger off and leave me alone! | Simon's always buggering off home early. bugger sth up phrasal verb (T) BrE to do something stupid that ruins something or causes trouble: You really buggered up our plans by arriving late.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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